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Mango Lassi  2.99
Hot Chai       1.00
Specialty Chai     1.50
cardamon, masala
Soda 1.00

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Samosas- vegetable, beef, chicken              2.99
two fried pastries with potato, beef, or chicken  filling
Pakora     3.99
batter dipped fritrers wih spinach, potatos, onions
Plain Rice1.99
long grain basmati rice with cumin seeds & saffron
Mutton Curry        8.99
goat meat cooked in thick tomato gravy with garlic, ginger, and traditional spices
Chicken Karahi     6.99
chicken cooked in thick tomato gravy with garlic, ginger, and traditional spices
Daal Gosht           8.99
tender goat meat cooked with chana daal lentils
Butter Chicken       6.99
marinated chicken cubes cooked in creamy buttery sauce
Papdi Chaat                                                   4.99
chic peas & potatoes covered with crispy tortilla chips & served with  yogurt & tamarind sauces
Chicken Biryani     5.99
aromatic basmati rice cooked with chicken curry
Chicken Tikka Masala                6.99
boneless chicken cooked in creamy tikka masala sauce
Mutton Biryani      6.99
aromatic basmati rice saute cooked with goat meat 
Beef Haleem                 7.99 crushed boneless beef slow cooked with lentils & wheat
Chicken Seekh Kabab                 6.99
miced chicken grilled with special herbs & spices
Beef Seekh Kabab                       7.99
miced chicken grilled with special herbs & spices
Chicken Tikka Leg                      4.99
chicken leg quarter seasoned and slow grilled
Chicken 65                     6.99
marinated batter fried boneless chicken with green chilli
Beef Chapli Kabab                                       7.99
kababs made with exotic herbs & spices pan fried to perfection
Fish Fry                                         7.99
fried boneless tilapia nuggets marinated in special spices with ginger & garlic
Chicken Tikka Boti                       6.99
boneless marinated chicken breast cubes slow grilled
Chicken Malai Boti                       6.99
boneless chicken thigh marinated in spicy cream sauce
Bihari Kabab                                7.99
boneless beef kababs marinated in yogurt sauce & spices
Daal Fry                        5.99
special lentils cooked with fresh tomatoes & herbs, topped with fried garlic and cumin seeds
Bhindi Masala                      5.99
fresh okra sauteed with onions & tomatoes and garnished with fresh lemon juice
Palak Paneer                         6.99
cheese cubes cooked in chopped spinach
Chicken Tikka Breast                  5.99
special marinated chicken breast slow grilled
Mixed Grill                                 13.99
grilled favorites combined together
Chana Masala                     4.99
chick peas cooked with special herbs & spices
Curry Pakora                       5.99
yogurt based sauce cooked  with turmeric spices with onion & spinach fritter dumplings
Aloo Palak                                   5.99
chopped spinach & potatoes
Paneer Tikka Masala                  6.99
cheese cubes cooked in creamy tikka masala sauce
Bun Kabab                           3.99
minced kabab patty topped with tangy chutneys and onions, stuffed between toasted bun
Chapli Burger                      5.99
Naan Spicy special chapli kabab topped with mint yogurt chutney on toasted bun
Rolls                           5.49-6.99  
grilled & fried favorites rolled in naan with mint yogurt sauce, onions, & fresh cilantro-chicken kabab, beef kabab, chapli kabab, chicken 65 & chicken boti
Chicken Fingers                   5.99
fried chicken fritters served with fries
Tandoori Naan                      1.49
leavened special flour bread cooked in clay oven
Garlic Naan                          2.49
naan topped with minced garlic and mint
Kulcha                                  1.99
soft naan topped with sesame seeds
Jalapeno Naan                             2.49
special naan topped with crushed jalapenos
Kheer                                            2.99
sweet rice pudding
Gajar Halwa                                2.99
warm carrot soufle with rich ricotta cheese
Gulab Jamun                                2.99
delicisous cake balls soaked in rose syrup
Chicken Vindaloo                  6.99
delicious combination of curried chicken & spicy potatoes
Nihari                             7.99 boneless beef stew in slow cooked sauce
Masala Rice         3.99
basmati rice with special spicy flavroing
Palak Gosht        8.99
tender goat meat cooked with chopped spinach
Palak Chicken       6.99
Chicken cooked with chopped spinach
Vegetable  Pilau           4.99
basmati rice cooked in sauteed green peas
Chicken Chapli Kabab                  6.99
kababs made with exotic herbs & spices pan fried to perfection
Paneer Karahi                              6.99
cheese cubes cooked in tomato based curry sauce
Samosa Chaat                                                4.99
vegetable samosa covered in warm chic pea
Kulfi                                              2.99
choice of malai or mango kulfi with nuts